B2B Marketing

Content is Critical

If you’re in business, you know how your product or service addresses pain points, disrupts conventional approaches, and stacks up against competitors. But how do you convince the prospective customers and influencers who make up the B2B marketplace? In B2B marketing, especially for high tech companies, content is critical. It’s how you gain awareness, buy-in for your value proposition, and credibility. It’s how you build brand and differentiate what you do.

Strategic Planning

We work with large technology brands and startups to help them articulate value. For instance, when the famous Palo-Alto based research center PARC, a Xerox company, decided to offer new services, we worked with them to develop their content marketing approach. We've done the same with emerging brands and divisions of large companies. We engage with you in planning sessions that set strategic direction then develop the content that carries it forward. The process typically goes something like this.

B2B marketing tools

Maybe you’ve got a strategy together but need some help creating compelling content.  We often work with companies and sometimes agencies to develop content marketing tools. Here are just a few samples. If you want to see more let us know.